Setup will depend partially on circumstances and resources. If this is the first line the customer is setting up, their best interest will be to go to a KaTel store, and setup service through there. A photo ID will be required. Setup can be done for a cellular line and/or home line.

For a cellular line, the customer brings a phone with them, or buys an unlocked phone from the store. If bringing a phone, the phone must be unlocked and support LTE including VOLTE. In addition, if the phone being brought in uses micro-SIM or mini-SIM, and adapter will be required as only Nano-SIM or eSIM is accepted.

If the customer wishes to have a home phone line, they will need to acquire an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) or a SIP compliant phone. The MAC address will be noted and entered into the system. At that point, the ATA or phone can be configured to work with the number provided.

If the customer already has an account with KaTel, then they will simply log into their account by going to http://katel.ka, and follow the instructions. If they need an ATA, they can order one from the store.