Telephone is an important means of communication. Everyone with an NIN will receive a free telephone number which corresponds with their NIN. For example, if John Smith’s NIN is 412259329560, then their telephone number will be 412 2593 29560. If John Smith wanted another telephone number, it would cost him $10/month. Voicemail is free and can be accessed through another phone by dialing the phone number, and pressing * during the announcement.

Fax to Email will be $5.00 per month, and with all fax machines required to prepend *99 before dialing the fax, this assures that no voice lines will get the fax tone. To send a fax, one must use a fax machine.

Landline and WiFi calling is $10 for unlimited outgoing calls. One could also choose 500 cellular minutes for $5.00, 1,000 for $10, and unlimited cellular minutes for $20. calls to N11, or toll-free calls are free as well as receiving calls.

Data is determined before the billing date, and instead of having service halted or paying overages, the connection will be throttled to 512kbps speeds. If no cellular data is chosen, then for the entire month, the connection will be at 512kbps. Otherwise, connection is $7.50/GB. A data only SIM is $5 and included with the data paid for.