Number Format

The vast majority of telephone numbers will be a 3+9 digit telephone number. This means each domestic number is 12 digits long. While this may seem like a lot to memorize, most people rely on a cellular phone for keeping their contacts, including their phone number.

The first three digits is a service code number. This is to help diffenturate things such as toll free numbers or foreign number entities. For example, a toll free number is 800+9 digits. The caller will automatically know that this call is a toll free call just by looking at the first three digits of the telephone number.

Foreign entity numbers will be based off of the country of service. Each country is assigned a service code number which will allow the caller to know the number is actually outside of the country, and therefore have a better idea of whom they’re calling. Since it is still a Kaldan number, the call is treated as a domestic call.