Faxes are handled slightly different than voice calls. This is due to the nature of the fax service, and the fact the fax number is the same as the voice number. The additional step is intended to have faxes communicate with faxes only.

Receiving a fax can be done in one of two ways. The first way is the fax goes directly to the fax line. The fax is printed as usual, and that is all. The second option is a $5.00 charge, and the fax is collected by KaTel, converted into a .pdf and emailed to the customer. This option can also be a receive only fax connection for those without a fax machine. For those with a fax machine, the collection by KaTel will allow the customer to save money by not printing faxes that are otherwise unwanted.

To send a fax, one will need to dial *99 followed by the fax number. This allows KaTel to know the call being made is a fax and will send it to the fax line of the recipient. Most modern fax machines allow preprogramming of prepend number dialing which means the customer just dials the number as normal, and the fax machine will dial *99+telephone number.