Online Portal

Everyone that activates service will have access to an online portal. This will be done by going to https://katel.ka. Once there, the customer can log in, and manage their Internet Service, telephone service, and television service. They will also be able to do upgrades, or downgrades which will take place next billing month.

For Internet Service, they will have the option to upgrade their speed, manage their website, and email address, and add or cancel .ka domains. They will also see how much free space they will have for using their email or website.

For telephone service, they can update their cellular device or ATA. They can also see a call log, block unwanted callers, and set their fax receive to an email address. They will also have the option to listen to their voicemail, and delete unwanted voicemails.

For television service, they will be able to add or subtract packages, and view On-Demand PPV activity. They will also be able to see a channel guide with the channels they have access to, and as an optional feature – DVR certain shows for later viewing.