Reserved Domains

There are a list of domains that are reserved for particular entities within Kaldus. One example is the .edu.ka domain for educational institutions. In this regard, the entity will get a free sub-domain that would allow them to provide resources and information. The reserved domains are as follows:

.edu.ka are intended for educational institutions. One example will be for the university of Kaldus. Next is .fm.ka which are reserved for Radio Stations. One example will be which is the site for the national radio service. Next is .gov.ka which are for government entities. One example will for senate.go.ka for the senate. Next is .hhs.ka which is for the Health and Human Services. One example of this will be housing.hhs.ka for the Department of Housing. .mil.ka is for military branches. One example will be for the National Guard. .tel.ka is reserved for the online directory for every phone number as well as support for the SIP addresses for the telephone numbers. An example will be which is the long format number for directory assistance. Next is .tv.ka which is for individual television stations based on the call sign of the station. For example, if HBO was in Kaldus, then their site will be

As needed, new domains can be made for reservation as the need arises. In these cases, all sub-domain sites will be free for the entity even if the entity is a for profit company. They can also choose to invest in their own Kaldan domain.