While KaTel’s services will be considered as reasonable, there will be some hardware that one may have to buy to make use of these services. For example, a router will be needed to have Internet services. A SIP phone, or ATA will be required for home telephone services. An LTE cellular phone will be needed for cellular services. While any such devices should work, KaTel will sell specialized hardware that will service the needs of the customer.

Analog Telephone Adapter

An ATA can be purchased for those that have a router, but still want to have a home phone or fax line. The ATA will have a RJ11 telephone port, an RJ45 network port, and support for Eco-DECT phones such as the one sold by KaTal.

5G Router

In areas where fiber or coaxial infrastructure hasn’t been installed yet, KaTel will sell a 5G Router which will use the low-band 5G network to connect to the Internet. The router will also support WiFi-5 connectivity, and Eco-DECT for compatible cordless house phones. There will also be an RJ11 jack to connect a phone or fax machine. When buying this router from KaTel, the phone number of the customer will already be setup.

Coaxial Router

In areas where coaxial infrastructure is installed, but there is no fiber optic network installed, the coaxial router will do something similar to the 5G router. Internet services will be setup with a WiFi-5 connectivity. There will also be 4 RJ45 jacks for connecting hardwired devices to the router. The router will also support Eco-DECT phones, and have an RJ11 jack for either a phone, or a fax machine. When purchased through KaTel, the telephone number of the customer will be programmed into the router.

Fiber Optic Router

In areas where there is a fiber optic infrastructure, a Fiber-Optic Router will be made available. This will have all of the capabilities of the coaxial router with the exception of the coaxial jack to be replaced with an RJ45-1GBPS WAN port. As with the previous mentioned routers, this one will have the phone number of the customer already setup.

Cordless Phone

While any DECT expansion phone should work with the routers, KaTel will sell Android based cordless DECT phones. This will allow the customer to have a relatively seamless integration between their home phone, and cellular phone. Each DECT access point mentioned supports 4 handsets.